(Photo) Salatiel thinks Blanche Bailly is an adorable lady.

Cameroonian singer, Salatiel shares the opinion that Blanche Bailly is a very hardworking lady.
Salatiel took to his Facebook to state it clearly that Queen mimba is a strong lady.
Blanche Bailly is a unique singer and a ‘Cameroon’s full package’ as she clearly stated one time in an interview. She said:
Cameroonians are not used to seeing full package. Im beautiful, talented, sexy etc and Cameroonians are not used to it that’s why they keep complaining.

Blanche is and has always been consistent career wise. People started wondering why though this consistency and talent of hers, she doesn’t take awards. Some say she does the work and Daphne takes the awards. Daphne gathered 4 Awards at the Can 2’or 2019 while Blanche returned with nothing.It’s not like she had any issues with it.She happily took to her IG page congratulating her female colleagues.
Salatiel who is known for his mastery of good music, made it clear that Montess didn’t deserve to win the award when the results of Afrima for the year before last came out.
Salatiel will always say, if you want to do music, learn music.
Now, when people pondered on why Blanche never takes awards though she is putting Cameroon on the World map, here’s what Salatiel has to say.
He says:
Blanche Bailly= hardwork, consistency, growth, relentless, independent= Strong woman
Greatness awaits u!

Salatiel is acknowledging the fact that though she isn’t taking awards yet, she is a talented lady.
He wishes her luck.

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