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I am Cameroon's best rapper, the rest are doing copy and paste – Ik Gix brags as he asks for competition from rappers turned afro singers ( Download song)

Fast rising hardcore rapper Ik Gix claims that most Cameroonian rappers just feature other artists to make hit songs or they turn from rappers to afro singers because they are hoping to do a big hit.

According to the talented soul rapper, most 237 rappers are lazy asf. He is ready to work for his legacy.
Releasing the song entitled Competition from his album Genesis, Ik brags that real rap is back from an artist like himself.
He goes ahead to even to mock at Francko. No I’m not more saying anything.
Listen and download below to get it for yourself.
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Here are the lyrics below:
*Ik Gix-Competition* (lyrics)
It takes about 2k flows,
And 2k shows,
for u to justify your skill when u go out there,
But stay in here,
go show ass,playback,replay relax,
Copy paste and smile they say u got taste,
And wordplay simply cuz u speaking your dialect
But in the content, we find no clue of any intellect
So why I should I develop interest
When even put to test
I’ll burn u in a nest while waiting for the next I’ll show that I’m the best to…
Hook 1:
I wanna get a massive competition (Right Now)
I wanna make sure all the people feel the Smack Down
And if you’re Whack
Then be ready for Smack
Cuz Rap is Back
And my attack is gonna be
So Low-key
So Low-key
Deep in you,ripping you of you of your feet
And it’s slowly but surely gonna be IK GIX
*VERSE 2:*
What drives me most is what ma industry got less,
Competition no repetition of facts on loose
You can’t prove me wrong mumbling single songs
Talking king and kongs
And worse ding and dongs
How u wanna be credible with ur ridicule,spectacles don’t u think it’s incredibly bleak-chronically weak
To step on stage claim your the face that runs the place
But it’s a damn shame that you do more tweets than hits
Briss indeed son you got cars, girls and money
Enough already
I mean
How can u get beat on every mix
In which u invite artist to feature in?
I’m nit surprised tho
AKA and Sarkodie schooled you bro
I know u felt it bro, u started doing Afro
Started singing and got schooled once again not the same
But this time it was by none other than Davido
*VERSE 3:*
Now let’s talk a lil bit about Franko’s hit
That lit 2015’s teens to shake hips to,
They say the track had to be banned cuz it was explicit
But apparently exquisite to be copied too
U had about a hundred artist doing the same brand,flowing the same way
Hoping to make it a big a hit
Tell me where they are now?
Working?Hell No
Lasy as F…prolly waiting for the next trend they’ll copy
And shamefully keep foolery with a dose of buffoonery n
Painfully I look back at the past in a time where music was done for the soul to mould the mind for a future filled with greatness
But in this time the music right now takes out your soul,corrupts your mind and sucks u dry to emptiness
That’s what it is, this is no fur elise
I face realities but work for my legacy
Yeah And I work for my legacy
While some are lost I’ll be found in the history
And no matter the storyline Ik Gix’s spirit will live in eternity
And no matter the storyline Ik Gix’s spirit will live in eternity.

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