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"You fucked Vanessa…Yeah so what?" – House27 series, beat them if you can(Review).

If there is one web series that has left everyone with the” 😍❤🔥💥😘🙌✌” reaction, it should be House27.

Written by Dolapo Akitoye, directed by Mike, produced by Mr. Kas  and co- produced by olakunle Labinjoh,  House 27 came off the internet rave on 18th July at 7pm.

  • Plot
  • Script Evaluation
  • Personal opinion on Storyline of House 27
  • Moral Lessons
  • Anticipation


This is an epic love story series of university students all in one house. They are in HOUSE 27. The series which is being  shot in the United Kingdom  kicked off by Ayo stepping his foot “abroad” for his first time. The Nigerian lad  steps his foot in the UK for his first time and receives a good hospitality. It dives straight into portraying other characters like Ashley who is dating Marcus. Everyone knows how university lifestyle is. In Episode 1, Marcus sends Ashley irritating messages but  she is the patient love type of girl. Poor Jason loves Ashley but doesn’t have the courage to let it out. It then proceeds to where Jason & Devin catch Marcus flirting with Vanessa.

How on earth are they suppose to tell Ashley ?

Jasmine who doesn’t waste time to go straight into the  subject matter thinks it’s  just right Ashley knows about it.  The melanin popping beauty Ashley catches them red-handed talking about it and they have to reveal. Ughhh!! Vanessa is like a sister to Ashely.  As we all know, girls rule is Sisters before Misters but I don’t  think it will apply here. Ashely goes to confront Marcus and all he ponders on is; I fucked Vanessa…, Yeah so what?”. The lad hits Ashley so hard, leaving her with bruises. Episode 4, we are talking about Virgin Grace. When will Jesus finally come ?

Watch Episode I :

Script Evaluation

House 27 web series features top-billed African heavy lifters like Melissa Penduka, Rafael, Sanmi Oguntunde, Jason T, Tiger, Ik music, just to name a few.The characters are apparently very convincing in their acting manner. From their emotions to their facial expressions.
Concerning the visuals, graphic and sounding, it’s  very good. With the knowledge on good  audio and video recording, they have an amazing quality for the four episodes of season one. It shows diverse traits of different university students. Some know what they actually want (study and remain serious), some focus more on relationships and get hurt while others act holy and end up getting pregnant. That is university  lifestyle, that is house 27!.

Opinion on storyline

Watch Episode II:

Here I’m giving y’all  my opinion on the storyline. Before this, I’ll  take y’all back to my boarding school days. Back then, we had all sorts of people. Those who came to school to study, others who came to flirt around and the “low-class” types. Everyone felt important except those who lacked confidence. Why am I saying this ? The “high-class” people made the “low-class” feel bad about themselves  and this have made them suffer from complexity till date. How do we solve this kind of issues ? House 27 comes in. House 27 comes in to ridicule the ills of the society especially that of university students and correct it.
Out here, we have guys like Marcus who openly disrespect you and don’t  care. Now, it’s  left to you to know your worth. So I love;

The universality  of it’s  themes: We have the theme of moral decadence,  hypocrisy, love, hospitality  etc.

Watch Episode III


Moral Lessons

Watch Episode IV

    Anticipation of Episode 

Everyone is waiting to see what happens to Grace who just left the house . Will she return? Will she commit suicide ? Anticipate Episode 5.

Thanks for reading ❤

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  6. Christine Marie consolation

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