Cameroon is one and indivisible – President Paul Biya.

Cameroonian President, Paul Biya has stated it clear that Cameroon remains one and indivisible.

H.E President Paul Biya and Italian President

The president who had created a tense atmosphere before this by announcing an unforeseen speech contradicted the thoughts of most persons who unfailing expected him to resign.
According to this speech of his, H.E Paul Biya will seemingly find an everlasting solution to the anglophone crisis as he says the military will be used on those who refuse to surrender. However, if people drop their weapons, they will be spared. He said :
Separatists who ufail to drop their arms will face the military while those who will surrender will be welcome

He started by describing how the anglophone crisis came about and some measures in which the government kept in place to eradicate the crisis when it was still sparking up. One of the measures being translating the OHADA accounting book which was just in French to English.
The president went further to Express his frustration on those who live comfortably abroad and sponsor the “criminal acts”. He sends out his sympathy to all the victims of the anglophone crisis.
Equally, H.E Paul Biya extended his appreciation to some international humantarian organizations who have been assisting Cameroon during this period.
Strongly condemning the killing of persons, burning down of infactructures, destruction of properties etc, the President of Cameroon calls on a dialogue before this month ends.

Who are those to participate?
For him, we will have international bodies, Ministers, Military, victims and other persons who want to take part in this national dialogue on how to finally solve the anglophone crisis.
All stakeholders in the public and private sectors, traditional rulers, civil Society, economic experts, security personnel will be part of the dialogue process, he said.

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