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The ideas behind Ko-c’s track “a wake up call”

Permit me start up by congratulating Ko’c,Jovi,Young Holiday and Cameroonians. Give respect to people that due it. Not forgetting Afriblinksblog readers, I congratulate you too. Now, it’s not a news that Our Cameroonian rappers like Jovi, Young Holiday, and Ko’c didn’t take it lightly with Nigerians rapper MI when he declared himself to be the best rapper in Africa In his Martel Cypher hit. This made Cameroon born Mboko God Jovi, to react with a diss track ‘Big bang’,Young holiday, Ko’c and some other upcoming artists follow suit with series of bangs. Having known the issue at hand which was breed by MI Abaga. I will want us to focus on Ko’c “wake up call” which is a reply that left Yaounde to Abuja. We are still waiting for Abuja’s reply. While waiting for Abuja to reply, let me bring you back to ‘Ngola’ Yaounde the city that gave birth to the lion that chews up any one who smashes his tale. Many people don’t understand this statement that let sleeping dogs lie. Afriblinksblog, bringing you knowledge and entertainment in another phase will want to explain to you what it means. The statement ‘let sleeping dogs lie’ means you shouldn’t stared up problem unnecessarily.Yaounde was sleeping when Abuja decided to stared up a problem. Definitely, Abuja thought Yaounde will just sleep and watch Abuja. Now here we are, the issue is gradually getting out of hand. The reason for all this explanation is to make us understand the issue at hand. Now that we have been glued about it, let’s us talk about KO’C’s ‘wake up call’ that have received accolades from most Cameroonians. We shall be talking about facts that he pointed out that are real. Boom, let me reveal to how factual Ko’c is in his ‘wake up call’
1 Cameroonians don’t promote and support their own.
It’s not new ,we have been singing this.Even foreign artists confirmed that. Ko’c still Emphasized on it. In one of his verses he asked,’If noh bi na promotion and support di give ya foreign product ,how we take pay 65million? ‘ ironically, it comes back to Cameroon. A Cameroonian company will prefer to pay a foreign artist 65million frs rather than give do it to a Cameroonian artist who is more exceptionally excellent than the foreigner and we think we are promoting our artist?.its true some organisations have been doing great in terms of promoting our Cameroonian artists but the truth is, we want them to enjoy what a foreign artist can’t enjoy in our home soil.
2 Cameroonians are not united
When we talk about unity here, we are talking about artists being united. Ko’c may have used a statement the refer to the national dialogue in his words’ Unity noh dey my motherland in every domain .Noh bi lie, e don remain for organise union classes ‘ the union classes here reffers to the national dialogue that is to take place which is based on bringing unity in Cameroon. But the fact is meant for Cameroonian artists, they are not united had it been they were, such MI Abaga declarations won’t had come up .
3. Cameroonian artist have been keeping grudges within them.
From the reactions of some Cameroonian artists like Jovi, ko’c and Young Holiday it shows that, this artists believes they are the best in the continent but never had the opportunity to express it. So MI Abaga simply paved away for them to express their minds. ko’c made it Cleared in one of his statements when he said ” I had to address this issue”
4 The use of local insults, promoting our local languages and culture .
Ko’c didn’t hesitate on that after saying forget about grammar, he dived straight to our local insults here in Cameroon ‘water for beans ‘ is just one out of the many. The reason for it is to make us Original in our arts.
5.Promoting other Cameroonian artists.
He didn’t just say, him alone is the best he called other Cameroonian artist which he thinks are excellent and can beat MI and his entire crew. He mentioned names like Jovi, Maalox, Minks, Tenor, Stanley Enow, Mic Monsta etc. This is to tell other Cameroonian artists to always acknowledge one another and support your home artists like you are mad.
Well done to 237, well done Team Afriblinksblog, well Afriblinksblogians (fans) .we are done with the facts presentation, hope you are going back home with your brain stocked with knowledge?? As for me, this Is a ‘wake up post, not a diss post’

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  1. Excellent piece of work. Keep the flag high

  2. Ko’c is one of the most understanding artist in Cameroon

  3. KO-C Struggled not to be fast in that hit then boom after 2 seconds went rogue. Excellent write up I must say

  4. Wake up post indeed. Well analysed

  5. Yannick, who always gives u the inspiration to come up such wonderful articles? Nice analysis✌✌

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